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Business Areas

Business Areas

EastWest Hi-Tech is a supplier of

various precision FA Systems and Testing Instruments for P.C.B assembly, semiconductor,
new material development, FPD and wire harness.

  • P.C.B

    • SMT & WAVE Testing Equipments
    • High speed camera, Data logger and monitor
  • Fine

    • Oil Absorption Measurement System
    • Hardness Tester
    • Electro Coating Logger
  • New Materials &
    FPD Production

    • Resistivity Meter
    • Powder Resistivity Measurement System
    • Resistivity Automated System
    • Dielectric Measurement System
  • WIRE

    • Digital Cable Stripper
    • Digital Cutter
    • Wire Stripper
    • Crimping Machine
    • Harness Function checker


WAVE soldering process equipments

Testing Equipments for WAVE process include: flux controllers(MS-5C, HD-1), DIP testers(DS-10, DS-10P) for soldering performance data and profiler tester(FCX-50) for overall analysis of WAVE process; the company supplies products of Malcom, Japan including impurity analyzers(STA-2, STA-100) to analyze soldering substances during WAVE process and content analyzer(MCD-1) to analyze Cu content, to companies in Korea.

SMT soldering process-related equipments

Equipments for SMT process include: mixer, viscometer and solder paste inspection system. Reflow oven, reflow checker(temperature profiler tester) for thermal process management and reflow simulator for overall analysis and efficient management of SMT process, the company supplies solder wettability evaluation equipments(SP-2, SWB-2), paste tackiness tester developed by Malcom, Japan and Shinano Kenshi supplies high-speed cameras and data loggers to the domestic electronics industry.

Fine Chemical

The company supplies oil absorption measurement system measures the oil absorption of various materials, developed by Asahisouken, Japan. The oil absorption measurement system for inorganic chemicals in paint dye industry; and provide hardness tester for carbon black and tire manufacturing industry.

New Materials and FPD Production

For product quality management through evaluation of various powders and Pellets including CNT(Carbon Nano Tube), new ceramic, photo catalyst and other new materials applied products and conductive film and electrode materials. The company supplies various resistivity meter series, powder resistivity measuring system and resistivity automated system for 3D evaluation on resistivity distribution of samples, developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, Japan. Also supplies Dielectric Measurement System, the highly precise microwave dielectrometer for various new materials and components, developed by AET, Japan.


We provide equipments that can perform various kinds of harness cutting / stripping / pressing / functional inspection for automobile, railway, heavy equipment, defense industry and so on.